About Us

1. Points Philosophy

T@ggle Users earn points by tagging peeps and places. The more peeps in the picture, the more points the user earns. The further from home the user travels, the more points the user earns.

2. Scholarships

T@ggle Scholarship Program

The T@ggle Scholarship Program, hereafter “Scholarship”, is only for those users of the Service who are currently enrolled, will be enrolled, or have been enrolled within 24 months, at an accredited institution of higher learning. Entries and/or awards cannot be sold or transferred. Proof of current or future enrollment may be required prior to the award. Drawings will be held semi-annually on December 31st and July 4th using a random number generator. By entering the Scholarship drawing, You agree to adhere to and abide by these Terms and Conditions. Immediate family of all SunDog Nine LLC employees are ineligible for Scholarship awards. You must consult a tax professional to determine if the Scholarship award will be considered income and taxed accordingly. The Company is not responsible for the taxes You may incur by receiving the Scholarship award. The amount and number of awards will vary at the Company’s sole discretion. For the current amounts and number of awards please visit Our website at www.taggle-app.com. By entering the Scholarship drawing You agree to allow SunDog Nine LLC, its owners, affiliates, partners, and sponsors, to use Your name and likeness in announcements, press releases, promotional and/or marketing material in perpetuity.