T@g your friends. T@g your neighborhood. T@g Your World. And win rewards!

The world is a big place, full of amazing stories, locations and people. T@ggle allows you to get to know your world and the people around you by encouraging interaction with new places and people… and giving you rewards for doing it! Earn points that can be redeemed for opportunities to win educational scholarships by t@gging your peeps and favorite places. Earn even more points by t@gging new peeps, peeps who have earned fewer points, and by venturing further and further from your home. 


Verb - the act of running and tackling someone in a massive, joyous hug. A combination of the words "Tackle" and "Huggle". Best performed from behind on an unsuspecting hug-victim.

-Urban Dictionary


Amazing Features

Connect with Peeps

Sign up, create an account and tell all your friends! T@gging new peeps gets you more points!

T@g Peeps & Places

Take a photo or short video of peeps and places to earn points and win rewards

Like, Comment, & Share

Like, comment, and share your favorite T@gs via text message, email, or social media

Locate Peeps

Locate your peeps on the map feature to allow for easier t@gging


Get notifications anytime you are t@gged by a peep or receive a new message

Send Messages

Use text to communicate with your peeps and share posts


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T@ggle was designed to broaden horizons, individually and collectively. Experience and familiarity with our world make us all more caring, compassionate and understanding of past, current, and future events. As you T@g Your World and share it with others we will all become more understanding of kindness, friendship, and the beauty of our planet. 

Scholarship awards in the amount of $1,000 will be awarded to three Peeps using a random number generator drawing on July 4th and December 31st annually, The first drawing will take place July 4th, 2021. Awardees must be within 24 months of attending an institution of higher learning which grants degrees or diplomas to students. 

Must read the T@ggle Scholarship Terms & Conditions